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Smart advice workshops (1)


I am happy to cater for individuals or groups. Mum & Toddler groups, Nurseries or smaller venues such as peoples homes. (Contact me direct for further advice or information)  Please see my updates for community ones too.





Positive Parenting programme july edition



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New You Programmeonetoone

Voice Finderone toone


These individual programmes can either be experienced one to one or in small groups (contact me for prices).  They also form a basis for a larger group workshop.








Unlock your Confidenceonetoone


Parenting Support Programme mine


The workshops below are designed for schools however, they would lend themselves to youth groups or organisations interested in encouraging self development and learning.

The A. C. E Workshop Assertiveness Confidence Esteem) (1)

T.I.P.SWorkshop (2)new