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What supports positive mental health?

Published October 29, 2016 at 5:12 pm


There are many ideas around this issue and for those of you who have read my website page ‘about me’ will know, I spent many years helping people experiencing such problems, and still do.

However, I can honestly say that the following tips are by far the most helpful and if practiced can improve one’s mental health considerably.

  • Having a positive relationship with your family, your partner, children, work colleagues and friends has a huge impact on how we view ourselves. Positive relationships help us to feel valued, confident, accepted and above all loved. It doesn’t have to only be with your family, you can find that social groups, volunteering or even a face book group can help you to feel included and valued within society.
  • Being able to manage and deal with difficult emotional problems or issues is vital to positive mental health. This is where I come in as I support people to self reflect on these areas and to think of different ways of dealing with their emotional issues. Self reflection is enormously helpful in overcoming mental health issues and finding the right kind of help is paramount to supporting this activity. Skills can be learned and will stay with you and support you for many years to come. You may also find that you pass them on to family and friends.
  • Making plans, setting goals and being able to problem solve is vital for ones confidence and resilience. Making plans, writing lists and the planning of any kind helps us to feel in control. Control….. I would say is the key to positive mental health as without it we feel frustrated, low in mood and often depressed. Making plans and sticking to them is extremely liberating and the sense of achievement makes us feel as though we are on top of the world. Often getting the help of others allows us to reach and maintain our chosen destination in life, thus improving our mental health.
  • Effective communication is often a factor for poor mental health. I cannot stress the importance of this and to this end I run workshops to aid people in this particular area. Learning positive communication skills can be very helpful to self development and can improve self confidence enormously. Learning to be assertive, as opposed to being passive or aggressive is vitally important for self esteem and in turn mental health.

At this time of the year sound mental health is vital as the stresses of Christmas, the lack of sunlight, dark nights and cold weather all impact on our ability to be resilient. Try the above suggestions, you won’t go wrong!