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Walking… it Really Good for You?

Published April 10, 2017 at 2:09 pm

Walking… it really that good for you?

To right it is! For those of you who follow my Facebook page or have read my past blogs, I’m a keen advocate for walking.  I offer a ‘walk & talk’ service for clients who want a different approach or, who lead very busy lives.


So, why is walking so good for you? Check out the reasons below before you discount it!

  • It’s a great problem solver. Walking allows your mind to solve its own problems as it concentrates on the conscious (not letting you fall over or bump into anything) activity.  This allows for our unconscious mind to sort out our problems and to straighten out any hurdles that might be in the way.   It’s your own internal life coach!
  • It allows you to be mindful. As you are walking you take in the sights around you, this is often nature or scenery of an attractive nature.  However, even if you are not in the most picturesque environment it still allows you to truly ‘pick apart’ what you are seeing in front of you and to question it.  Very good for developing our reflective brain.
  • The exercise is good for you as it allows you to burn calories, builds your muscle tone and can be energetic, allowing endorphins (feel good hormones) to kick in.
  • It’s de stressor full stop. Yes, it really does work! If you are stressed at the office and only get a five-minute break.  Make it count and walk outside for the five minutes you have.  Believe me it will make all the difference.

So, given the above information I can guarantee that some of you will be saying “I haven’t the time”.  Even if it’s only a five-minute walk it’s better than nothing.  Yes, it really is! You could always get up five minutes earlier. Or, park further away from your office so that you have to walk to your car.  Every bit helps and all counts as well as allowing you de stressing time.

It really doesn’t have to be a five-mile hike, little and often is just as good and will get you into a walking mode.  In turn, you’ll feel like doing more and more and before you know it you will need your daily fix.

Make your spring a time of change and put a spring in your step!20141105_143308