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Trying to Have a Positive Mindset During Lockdown

Published January 10, 2021 at 12:15 pm

Trying to Have a Positive Mindset During Lockdown

I’m speaking to an awful lot of people at the moment who appear to be finding this latest lock down so much more difficult than the first. This of course, is hardly surprising……it is winter!

The last one, back in May, happened to be when…. the sun shone, the flowers were in bloom and walks were easy and comforting. This lock-down however, is proving to be vastly different, the weather is freezing cold, the nights are dark and there are no leaves on the trees. work-from-home-5021316_1920

No wonder we are feeling ‘blue’! January has a habit of making us feel low anyway, this is due to the lack of vitamin D in the main but also the lack of light as many of us travel to and from work in the dark.

However, I try to see things from this point of view:

  • From the 21st December the nights start getting lighter albeit slightly. If you look carefully you can see it…..honestly!
  • We have the spring and summer to look forward to, this certainly makes me feel better.
  • We can still walk, yes, it is cold but there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!
  • And…..most importantly we now have a vaccine!!!

If we had been told that we would be offered a vaccine last May we’d have felt like celebrating. So why are we not celebrating this now? I understand that many are feeling tired from a very exhausting year. We all have many stories to tell as to why last year was for many of us ‘a year to remember’ and I appreciate that for many the loss of a loved one has and continues to be painful and heart-breaking.

There is no denying that this last year has been unprecedented, but I do believe we have turned a corner and I hope you do to. There is still a long way to go but by trying to think about the things we can do, rather than what we cannot, must surely be the way forward.

I believe so……………how about you?