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Top Tips to change your Mindset

Published August 11, 2016 at 5:29 pm

  • Get up half an hour earlier than you normally would.(Use this time to do something that you never have time to do beach-21815_960_720(breakfast/yoga/reading). You will feel so much better for it as you will have achieved something extra!
  • Sunday Sort Out.” Make a weekly plan. This helps so much with not only organising time but organising your mind. Giving you control over how you spend your time. Don’t forget though, to include something nice at the weekend.
  • Think about things that make you feel good? (Exercise, cinema, out for a meal). Incorporate these into your weekly plan, try and do more than once a week. Not the same one of course!
  • Do something new every week. Something that is not in your usual regime. (Like calling a friend you haven’t seen in a while). This will develop further as you feel the benefits of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Spend less time with negative people. (Even if you work with them, you don’t have to share lunch with them). Spending time with people who drag you down can be a real drain on your energy and your mind. Spend the least time possible with them and spend more time with the positive people in your life. See the difference!
  • Give something back. (spending time with an elderly relative or offer to cut your neighbour’s lawn). This may seem strange but doing a favour for someone really encourages positive thoughts. It will also give them the ‘nudge’ to reciprocate maybe!