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Top Tips for Self-Belief

Published September 20, 2017 at 11:19 am

Top Tips for Self-Belief

  • You may not always feel you have it but believe me, you do have a huge supply of self-belief otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things in life you have achieved to date.  And….there are many I am sure. It’s amazing when I work with people and discuss their achievements, even they are amazed! You may feel a bit sluggish at times on this score but it is there….honest, it’s just a matter of unearthing it! I liken it to a domino effect, start the ball rolling by making small achievable things happen.  This causes a momentum effect which will refuel your self belief. self-esteem-1566153_1920
  • Try not to think about past failures and try to focus on future beliefs. You are a now thinking from a new standpoint…..remember!  The new self-believing you! Your mental approach is the most powerful tool you have so use it well, keep digging and proving. Write notes if you have to, this will keep it going.
  • Go that extra mile, set your limitations higher than you would normally. You need to keep your goals achievable yes, but you also need to make them worth dreaming about. The sky really is the limit so start believing it…………play to win.
  • Make use of others. If your self belief is running low don’t be afraid to seek help.  Friends, family and professionals will all be willing to give you that boost of belief you desperately need. This will pick you up and get you well on the way.
  • Believe……that you believe in yourself! You have to have belief in the fact that you CAN change, this involves thinking, speaking and acting like a believer. If you don’t believe you can make changes how do expect others around you to? You may have to think about changing strategies, tactics and above all be flexible.  Prepare to win by planning your strategy that takes into account every step in a sequence, finally allowing you to reach your goal or life destination.  Evidence is what changes jury’s minds, we are no different!  Gaining evidence will prove to you that you are capable and by gaining this evidence you are gaining a ‘evidence base’ on which to draw.  Drawing on evidence is a great way to keep self belief going. How many times have you heard people say “If I can do that I can do anything”?  Proving my point.

Keep believing folks……….but belief won’t work on it’s own, you have to put in some hard work and commitment to gaining the self belief you yearn.

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