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Top Tips for building Resilience

Published August 14, 2019 at 10:54 am

Resilience is a word that is branded around so much these days, people often ask me exactly what it is. My simple answer is: Bouncing back!

This simple tips may help you to bounce back from the dark days of winter blues and spring you into spring………….girl-1955797_1920



Life can be painful at times, it’s times like these when it’s useful to think about this philosophically and tell yourself that ‘no pain, no gain’. In other words, good things come out of struggles and painful periods. Pain teaches you that things will get better as they always have done in the past, it might just take a bit of time. Pain can hurt but it can also change you, change of any kind is part of our life development and this has to be a good thing ….right!



It may feel like it but nothing lasts forever, this good or tough time you are experiencing right now will NOT last forever.  Be reassured by this, as it keeps you going when times are tough. If they are not, then enjoy this moment in your life and lap it up.  However, good times or bad life has a habit of intertwining them so whatever one you are in right now, remember….it won’t last forever.


Self pity

Inevitably there are times in our lives when worry and concern can consume us. This is when we can complain and feel sorry for ourselves, indulging in self pity.  Often instead of complaining and then taking action to try to move forward, which would be the healthiest choice.  We can remain stuck and assume we have failed saying “why does this always happen to me?”.  It doesn’t, but if you always revert to the line above, it will seem that way. Take action and try to move forward, sometimes your actions may result in you not always getting it right first time, this is very different to failure……got it!


War wounds

We all have scars, these can be physical or emotional and can be all encompassing if we allow them. They are a reminder that life has been difficult but we have made it through and have come out the other end.  Take stretch marks during pregnancy, out of that came a wonderful life! Looking at our life scars can be a choice we make and don’t have to necessarily hold us hostage.  Any kind of suffering makes us stronger and tells us volumes about our coping powers.

Comfort zones

Change or struggles of any kind often push us out of our comfort zone and can send our anxiety levels through the roof. What can be helpful though, is to remember that anything worth getting will almost certainly involve stepping out of our comfort zone.  This often involves us looking back and giving ourselves a pat on the back for stepping forward in the first place, these might be tiny steps, but put together turn into huge strides.


If you do take a knock or two, or even fall over completely get up and move on.  Part of learning about what you can do is learning what you can’t! We don’t know until we try, and almost certainly that will involve NOT always getting it right. Things often have to go wrong before they can go right. Remember………you are tougher than you think and what’s more, you have the evidence to prove it.

Keep on ‘keeping on’ you’ll get there in the end…..promise!