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Tips For Boosting Your Winter Wellbeing

Published November 21, 2020 at 5:08 pm

Struggling with what might be ahead of us during this winter?

I am speaking to a number of people,  who are struggling with the prospect of Covid being with us indefinitely. Understandably, this is causing them anxiety and stress and severely (in some cases) affecting their mental wellbeing.

With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to write up a few tips that might go a little way to helping in these difficult times.

  • Try to take things a week at a time. Try not to read into whether you’ll be back at work in a week or a month, just try hard to live week by week. Every time your mind races to ‘what if’s’ bring it back to a week at a time. You might want to write up those words on a post it!
  • Try to not mindread what might happen with the general opening up of services and entertainment venues. Of course, we are eager for this to happen however, it is not helpful to live from one news article to the next. This is also true of vaccine updates and R numbers.
  • Try to only watch or read the news once a day. Tricky I know as phones are often geared up to tell you the latest headlines. You can arrange that you don’t get every update……simples! By doing this, it helps to bring down your anxiety levels and will mean that you may only get anxious once a day and not every time your phone ‘pings’.
  • Try to keep things as normal as possible. So, you can’t go to the gym however, you can choose to do a work out at home. Failing that, a brisk daily walk will help enormously, with company if possible.  You could even choose to do a work out with a friend on line! Or, speak to a friend whilst each of you walk…..something I do regularly.couple-5742097_1920
  • Try to keep the friends (who love telling you the latest bad news) at bay and encourage conversations with the friends who are balanced and as positive as they can be.
  • Eat and drink well, this goes such a long way to keeping our minds well-nourished and healthy.
  • And, above all…..TALK! It’s so important to allay fears by talking. It can help out both parties as in turn, you both help each other. Talking builds resilience, something in great demand at the moment. It also allows us to digest things, in speaking about our fears or concerns (especially out load) we allow our brains to start processing. Very important for helping us to departmentalise issues and giving us the space to calmly put our fears into perspective.

These above tips are simple in their approach but in my experience are extremely effective.  They boost mental wellbeing, nourish our questioning minds and most importantly build resilience. A word branded around considerably in these unprecedented times.

Stay safe and well.