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The Heat is On

Published July 9, 2018 at 12:19 pm

The heat is on

If you are anything like me, you won’t be complaining about the recent heatwave we have been experiencing?  I love being outdoors and love the warmth on my bones as I walk and garden a great deal.

However, the heat is impacting on even my motivation to do the long walks I normally ‘shout about’.  I really miss them and am having to curtail them, as doing them in this heat would be dangerous.  I have to instead, do shorter walks and do them in the evening which isn’t as convenient as my usual times. sunblock-1471393_1920

I have heard over recent weeks that peoples motivation to do anything is limited due to the heat, they are finding their energy levels have diminished and they are finding exertion of any kind difficult if not impossible. This is understandable however, I think it’s important to make plans to keep your motivation in check.

I have mentioned above that in order to do ‘my walks’ I have had to change the time I do them and how much I walk, this is inconvenient, and I could easily be tempted to avoid them.  Stating…..”It’s just too hot”.  This can be said for many goals we set as we are masters at finding excuses/reasons why we can’t carry something out rather than what we can actually do!

Is any of this sounding familiar? I cannot stress enough the importance of putting plans in place to continue reaching your goals.  Barriers to achievement are so important to discuss and think about when originally setting our goals.

Using my walking example. I decided that I couldn’t do my walk at the usual convenient time therefore, I worked out a plan as to when I could do it.  This made me feel much better as not only am I still walking, I’m also feeling in control as I have still accommodated my goal of my daily walks.

Planning for barriers or problems that might get in the way is just as important as identifying the goals in the first place.

Given this……

  • set out what you want to achieve
  • how you are going to achieve it
  • what might get in the way of you ‘actually’ achieving it
  • How are you going to overcome this

So, no excuses folks! In spite of the ‘heat being on’ let’s get cracking on those goals shall we?

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