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“I cannot begin to tell you just how incredible this process is and I want to thank you again for what you bring to it as a person.  How lovely too that we both have a rich sense of humour!” (M)

“Di, I just wanted to let you know that after a couple of sessions with yourself E although, still feeling socially uncomfortable is showing signs of improvement. She has amazingly shared her note book with us which is an amazing step forward. I feel she is moving in a positive direction. She’s secured and is holding down her job! Appears to be meeting friends and got rid of her boyfriend. I feel this is all linked to you! So a huge thank you. I think she can still benefit from your guidance but a weight has been lifted off the family and E. Again thank you for your effort and commitment. It is truly life changing for E”. (N)

“I feel the happiest that I ever have. You are such a big part of that and I thank you for giving me the tools to succeed and create and even better me. You are a wonderful lady! Thanks for everything Di” (L M)

“I LOVED your talk this morning. It was important you allowed input from those in the audience-that is actually a core strength you have that many lack, thanks Di.” (L B C) thank-you-227344_1920

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the help that you have given me recently.  During our sessions, you have helped me to look at certain challenges in my life with a new perspective!! I have enjoyed our time working through things together, and have come away with lots of strategies and ways in which to move my life forward. (B)

“I found you so easy to talk to and your advice was always given in a very positive and caring way.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or family in the future.

Once again thank you very much Di.” (N. S.)



“Di has a wonderful approach, calming, non judgemental and very empowering. She has a wonderful holistic knowledge of her subject area and I feel REALLY listened to. I attend her sessions feeling trapped, anxious and low and exit feeling liberated; the world is my oyster. Thank you so much.
It’s all true Di- you really are fabulous”.  (N)

“Di, you are brilliant at what you do and it felt so good afterwards.  Just what I needed and looking forward to the next session!” (L M)

“Thanks Di, you have been a great help and I feel a stronger person” (C H)

“I just want to give a big shout out to Di Smart who has been hugely helpful to me this year. (Particularly the last month).

We juggle and carry a lot in this day and age and having someone help you wade through it, help you not be so harsh on yourself and make sense of it all has been hugely helpful.

Di isn’t a ‘life coach’ in the traditional sense, she’s not a ‘therapist’ either, she’s somewhere in-between and all the more special for it, imho. Thanks Di”.  (Jan M)

“If I hadn’t have seen Di when I did I would have been divorced by now! Her sessions helped me to see that my relationship needed many changes and they all had to come from me. It’s changed my life and the way I communicate.  Thanks so much Di.” (S. J)


‘Dealing with change, building better relationships and a resilient attitude to life, whilst dealing with stress; inspiring confidence and releasing our potential as a leader are essential qualities and behaviours that life coaching has enabled our school business manager to take on her new challenging role in an ever changing school environment… Di has carefully developed these skills so that she is now able to have those critical conversations effectively with colleagues and affect change in a positive way.  She is beginning to lead and can now see the bigger picture. Life changing…’  Thank you Di…

(from Sharon Maginn, leader of CPD at The Heys Primary School, Ashton U Lyne. )

“At the beginning of this week I went to see Di Smart as I was becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of motivation in a number of areas in my life. After seeing Di, and reflecting on my thinking and behaviour, I now feel rejuvenated with new found energy and zest. I can strongly recommend a visit to Di to help with your mojo. Thanks Di” (S.O.)

“Thank you Di for today’s meeting. It was just what I needed after feeling overwhelmed about my business, after a long summer and a feeling of “aaggh I need to get working” now the children are finally back at school. I feel positive about the actions I want to take now to move myself forward. I have clarity about my priorities and actions to move myself forward. Those plates are all going to be spinning beautifully next time I see you – well a few more significant ones will be anyway! Thank you. “(R.J)

“Di is a very supportive, caring, empathic therapist who genuinely strives to support you at your own pace. She provides you with a very comfortable space to explore whilst aiming to achieve your own personal goals. She is extremely personable and I recommend her highly.” (D D)

“When I first met Di Smart I was at a point of change in my life. I was confused and uncertain about the choices that were available to me. Working with Di has been a great experience, both enjoyable and productive. Di has guided and challenged me throughout the process. This has allowed me to review and reflect on the possibilities that are open to me. I now have and very clear view of what I want from life and equally important, what I don’t want. I have, at last a plan for my future that I am happy with.  Di is a really genuine and honest coach. I have very much appreciated her straightforward but understanding attitude. Life coaching sessions with Di has been a very worthwhile investment for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Di to anyone who is interested in the benefits that genuine life coaching sessions with a true professional have to offer”.

 Sue Gray 

“Di has a warm, friendly and professional relationship with her clients.  She has natural flair and radiates infectious positivity in both one to one and group situations; displaying great confidence and vast subject knowledge.

I value the meetings with Di and the experience has been  …  simply life-changing!  I recommend her unreservedly”.


“My meetings with Di have proved invaluable.

At a time in my life when things were not exactly going wrong … just didn’t seem right … Di’s professional and friendly approach helped me to realise that all my energy and time was focused on family and work, and although I had attempted to make more time for myself by reducing my ‘paid working hours’ I had not quite achieved my goal.

Di encouraged me to value myself, and gave me inspiration to not feel ‘guilty’ about spending ‘me’ time.  The result being a much happier and contented me but also those around benefitted too!

The words of a song by Johnny Nash sum up my feelings following my meetings with Di: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day. Di made this possible.” J.J 

Dianne Smart was a real life-saver to me at a time of great distress and anxiety. From our very first meeting she made me feel safe, secure and hopeful about getting better. I always looked forward to our sessions and gained a real understanding of how best to improve my situation. Dianne helped to equip me with the tools I needed to cope with my problems and move forward. Since working with Di, I have never looked back and whenever I feel my anxiety levels rise, I just reach for my plan and re-evaluate the situation rationally – V D

“Di is the perfect life coach, having gained extensive experience in the public sector, helping people to achieve their goals and move forward in their lives.  She has a warm and down-to-earth personality, alongside a creative mind and can-do attitude.  She is full of ideas that will help you identify what you want to achieve with your life, whether in work, relationships or any other area you choose to work on. She will not sidestep issues that may be difficult for you yet her sense of humour and encouragement will keep you on the path towards your goals”.  Dr Penny Priest 

Di enables me to think through things. She is insightful and practical. Di is firm as needed but also very sensitive and helpful. I very much enjoy my meetings with her.


Di helped us to re establish ourselves as a couple when our youngest son went to university. She helped us regain direction and refocus on what was right for us as a couple as opposed to a family. We gained insight and interest in each other and can now look forward. (D & M) 

When I retired I thought my life would magically change and I would be free of stress and routine, little did I realise that I would become low in mood and feel isolated. Di has encouraged me to look at my life fully and has encouraged me to open my eyes to interests I had only imagined were for other people. My life is suitably full, I have made new friendships and plan to do a five month trip of the Far East. (N R)

Di is always thoughtful and listens to your point of view before making a constructive comment or giving her opinion. She can be relied upon to do her utmost to help. In a role that expects professionalism Di will perform admirably. (S P)

Di helped and supported me through a very difficult time in my life, I had just had a baby and my life was in turmoil. When I thought there was no hope of ever sorting out my chaotic life Di gave me hope and helped me regain control, confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude. (J J G)

Di allowed me to see things differently when my relationship of many years started to crumble, she helped me to view things differently and see things from others perspectives as well as my own. It saved my marriage and has given me insight into relationships generally. I would recommend her.

(P A)

My time with Di was very helpful and directive and allowed me to challenge what I really needed and wanted to do. She showed great compassion when dealing with my bereavement and allowed me the space to come to terms with my loss whilst thinking about my future and planning for it. I plan to do so much and wouldn’t have done this without her help. (S F)

Di is a great coach, she thinks outside the box and makes the effort to research your field in order to be able to give best guidance. She helps you move forward with gentle support and motivation. I would highly recommend DI – she is professional, respectful and caring in all she does”.  (D D)