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Taking on a new challenge

Published November 18, 2021 at 4:30 pm

Taking on a new challenge

For those of you who know me you’ll know that I love keeping busy. I cannot stress enough the importance of occupation and many of my blogs include this. I have recently questioned my own situation with this regard and have recently taken up a new hobby. This has involved research, purchasing resources and learning how to use new technology as well as making a few mistakes!

Whilst at the time, I have been a little perplexed and have done a great deal of head scratching on reflection, I have enjoyed the challenge immensely. I am now starting to see results for my effort and feel that warm feeling when I finish each challenge as it comes. impossible-4505790_1920

The point I’m making is that challenges don’t have to be major, even the smallest challenges can be a way of getting ‘our grey matter’ working which in turn, triggers all sorts of ‘feel good’ feelings. Even finishing a crossword or walking an extra 10 minutes can make such a difference to our over all mental health and resilience. I cannot stress this enough, challenging our selves to take on new things is vital for self- development and growth.

I speak to a number of people who say they have lost the ability to take on new challenges, I challenge them, by getting them to think about why this is? In almost every case, it’s because they are not choosing to take on new challenges as they are afraid of change itself and failing of course!

So, if you are thinking about taking on a new hobby, interest or challenge remember, it’s okay to feel afraid, out of your depth or scared………..

Go for it!