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Slotting back into life as we knew it.

Published July 21, 2021 at 3:00 pm

Slotting back into life as we knew it.

For many of us, life is starting to look a little different, in that social restrictions are now lifted. This has a number of meanings, fears and interpretations for different people.

I have spoken to a number of people who are extremely concerned about catching covid (particularly the Delta variant) and are very anxious about any social mixing. Others, are relieved that these restrictions have been lifted and look forward to a new foundchoice-2692575_1920 (1) liberty.

The variations in societies attitude to the lifting of these restrictions is varied and controversial. I like many, have my own views on this and will not be using this forum to share them.

I think it’s important for people to feel as secure as they can be in our current climate, and this may mean that you might need to voice your expectations to others about what you feel is safe for you. This may mean that you ask someone to keep their distance for example. People have voiced to me, their uncomfortableness in asking others to change their behaviour to suit theirs.

I think it’s important to have conversations with your friends, relatives and work colleagues about how you can feel safe and how they can accommodate this, without feeling compromised.  Compromise maybe the way forward in many so cases.

It’s important that individuals don’t feel bullied into certain situations in order to keep other parties happy. If at any point you are being asked to compromise on your safety (in your opinion) by an employer, friend or relative then it’s vital that you state from the off that this is something you are not happy with. This is vital, as dialogue can be had that will hopefully allow each party to voice concerns, opinions and most importantly expectations.

We all have different opinions about what society ‘should’ be doing with regard, to covid and as numbers rise anxiety will too. Sometimes people may describe normal and understandable anxieties as being paranoia, this is often unfair as individual concerns need to validated and understood. They maybe different to yours but they are just as valid.

You have a right to an opinion and you also have the right, should you wish to continue to:

  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance
  • Wash hands regular and sanitise
  • Not socialise inside or out

People also have the right to not do any of the above as restrictions are not mandatory anymore. Whatever helps you to feel safe and secure in this anxiety provoking situation is your choice and yours alone.

So speak up, you owe it to yourself!

Stay safe!