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Simply Singing


Simply Singing.

Why start a singing group?

Singing has been a large part of my life, I sing when I’m sad, I sing when I’m happy.  I grew up in a village where everyone sang, including my parents.  I know, not just from personal experience but that of others that singing can improve one’s mental and physical health.  I know after a ‘singing spell’ my worries, tensions and concerns don’t seem anywhere near as bad.

This got me thinking…….given,  that I know that singing helps with personal issues I set about talking to different people about my abilities for setting up such a group.

The main aim of ‘Simply Singing’ and indeed, my personal crusade is to offer a singing group where people can do ‘just that’, sing! (Check out the video link below)

  • The main aim is to allow people to sing for fun, sing to feel healthy and happy.
  • For people to feel at ease and not feel that the person next to them is a better singer, at ‘Simply’ it doesn’t matter! At ‘Simply’ WE DON’T LISTEN, WE JUST SING!
  • They don’t have to have a wonderful singing voice (I won’t be auditioning people or splitting them into groups of ability)
  • We will sing songs that people are already familiar with, can relate to and more importantly feel happy singing. We won’t be spending time learning difficult melodies! 
  • Words will be displayed, no need to bring folders or papers and if your mood allows you can sway to the music. But, only if you wish!
  • People can pay in advance (to get discount) or pay on the evening. This offers a flexible plan for people working or with care responsibilities

I would love for people to go away from sessions feeling:  relaxed, refreshed and ready for what life has to throw at them! As well as having FUN. Ditch the fear & face the music!

Venue: Randlay Community Centre, Telford TF3 2LH simplysinging whiteversion

Time: 7.30pm till 9pm

Cost: £7 (casual membership) £5 paid in advance with group plan (First session £5)

Don’t forget a bottle of water and a smile. Even better, bring a friend!


What can singing do for you?

  • Singing can lower your stress levels as it’s relaxing. It can also release muscle tension and can decrease a hormone called cortisol into your blood stream.
  • Singing can improve mental alertness and can improve your blood circulation, an oxygenated blood stream allows more oxygen to reach the brain

Singing can help on so many levels:

  • Physically
    It exercises our lungs, can tone up our intercostal muscles and expand our diaphragm.
    2. It can improve our sleep, recent evidence suggests that it can help decrease the problem of snoring.
    3. It can help to improve our heart and it’s circulation by improving our aerobic capacity
    4. It improves facial muscles as it tones them, it also decreases muscle tension generally.
    5. It can improve our posture.
    6. It can help us to be mentally alert.
    7. It can improve with Sinuses and respiratory issues9. It can help with pain relief as there is a release of pain relieving endorphins.
    10 It can improve our immune system which helps us to fight disease.
    11. It can help reduce anger and depression and anxiety
    12. Studies have also found that music can help people to regain balance if affected by illness such as Parkinson’s disease


1. It can help to increase self esteem and confidence and can help to increases feelings of general wellbeing
2. It can enhance your mood and can be spiritually uplifting
3. It can reduce stress and in some cases pain and can be a natural healer

4.It can increase positive feelings and be a great energizer
5.It can create creativity and evoke emotions
6. Increases understanding and empathy between cultures and promotes social bonding

  1. Socially
    It enables you to meet more people and is a social forum for sharing thoughts and ideas
    2. It can Bring people together and can encourages a sense of community and belonging
    3. It can offer opportunities for giving and receiving positive feedback and be a safe environment to try new skills
    4. It can be forum for fun, laughter and support.
    5. It can bring people together who might otherwise, not have met.

For further details contact me.