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Self Esteem & Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence

I have helped many individuals to discover the origin of their low self esteem and have helped them learn new and engaging strategies that support them in overcoming it.  You can develop new ways of thinking which in turn will change your behaviour and more importantly your opinion of yourself. board-2433978_1920

This will give you a more balanced approach and will leave you feeling more confident about your abilities and the resources you already own.  Thus, putting you in control!

I use practical materials and handouts that are yours to work on at your own pace and time.  This will build up an information and resource file that can be used and referred to for the rest of your life.

If you would like to feel:

  • Better about yourself and the way others perceive you
  • more in control of your life
  • more organised with practical issues
  • more equipped to deal with difficult situations
  • learn more about how your thoughts & feelings impact on your behaviours

Then contact me and we’ll get you sailing on the open sea in no time!motivation-2084506_1920