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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Published December 4, 2017 at 1:04 pm

Satisfaction guaranteed

Well, I can honestly say I have had a great weekend!

No, I wasn’t jetting off to sunnier climes or spending loads of money on expensive clothes shopping.

What was so enjoyable then, I hear you say? My answer is…… doing ORDINARY things.

So how can doing ordinary things be so enjoyable?  Well, the answer is simple…..they were satisfying!

I enjoyed myself on Friday evening doing a long walk in the fresh air and spending time with loved ones afterwards.

Saturday consisted of running a few errands, catching up with old friends, starting Christmas shopping then rounding the evening off with an evening by the fire watching a good old fashioned drama. woman-1420551_1920

Sunday, being a sunny day turned out to be a superb day for catching up on some gardening chores.  For those of you who have followed my blogs in the past, will know how much I feel gardening impacts on my mental wellbeing.

The morning (or should I say what was left of it after a leisurely breakfast and a short lie in) was taken up with preparing my garden for the winter and doing some last minute mulching.  After lunch, putting Christmas lights up, clearing my greenhouse of rubbish and cleaning my car.

As the day grew darker, I went inside to catch up on my accounts (a job well over due) and to write my Christmas catch up letter.  This was then followed by a relaxing bath with candles etc.

I then prepared a home made lasagne and enjoyed a family meal with a glass or 2 of wine.

Yes, a very ordinary weekend….granted. However, the point is… was SATISFYING!!!

Why? Because I had achieved……I got results from my labours and efforts.  I had contacted friends and arranged to meet up, I had gone out in the cold and walked on a dark chilly night.

I had pushed myself to put my gardening clothes on and venture into the garden on a chilly morning when I could have easily stayed at my PC looking at social media sites. I choose to cook a meal from scratch instead of buying a jar.

And yes, I did sit in front of the TV and relax too.

However, balance is the key word here as one of the main reasons my satisfaction was guaranteed is because my weekend was made up of 2 elements: relaxation and hard graft! Combined = satisfaction!

My advice is, if you want satisfaction guaranteed then try mixing both and see what happens?