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Relationship Support

Relationship Issues & Communication

I support individuals or couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships; this also extends to relationships in the workplace and other areas of life, such as family members.
I can be extremely supportive in allowing individuals or couples to reflect on their thoughts, interactions, communication and passive or aggressive behaviours.

I specialise in enabling individuals and couples to learn new strategies that will support them in being more assertive, self aware and self assured leading to a transformation of confidence and control.  Practical ‘easy to use’ materials are used to support this process, giving you skills for life! road-4900493_1920

Sessions include:

  • Learn to be more assertive in your relationships
  • Learn how to negotiate more assertively
  • Learn how to compromise without necessarily ‘giving in’
  • Learn new interpersonal skills and build on the one’s you already have
  • Change your old passive habits
  • Learn how to intercept when you are being manipulated

senior-4723737_1920The process works in the same way as individual coaching in that, we discuss a plan to take you forward working with the issues you bring to sessions. The sessions are as often as your time and budget allows, our initial plan will indicate how many sessions maybe required. However, you are in control of how many sessions you can afford and the plan works to this end.  Remember…..they are your sessions, not mine!

In ‘normal’ times I also run regular workshops in this field.