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Rainy Day Lists

Published August 7, 2021 at 2:24 pm

I often hear people say that they have wasted a day doing nothing, particularly when it’s raining. I’m reminded of this as it’s raining today. I tend to look ahead at the forecast as I’m an outdoor person who likes to walk and garden if the weather allows, so I’m often prepared in advance. However, I can appreciate this isn’t the case for everyone and often people don’t think about what they’ll be doing in advance as they are busy ‘doing what they are doing’.

I know some of you know that I’m a ‘list lover’, I have lists for everything! I have short term lists, long term lists and very long-term lists. It keeps me on track and makes me feel in control (most of the time anyway).

So, with this in mind I have 2 main ‘job lists’ and these tend to fall into 2 main categories:
Rainy day jobswindow-1768850_1920
Fine weather jobs.

Rainy day jobs (like today) are obviously indoor jobs and often the jobs I tend to put off as I’m always outdoors. These lists might include: sorting through stuff, cleaning, tax returns etc.

Fine weather jobs are my favourites as they tend to involve being outdoors.

My main point is having a list prepared (whatever the weather) helps us to focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t. It also helps us to feel in control and helps us to feel as though we are ‘sticking to a plan’, in return we don’t feel we have wasted a day as we are actually doing something with the day. Something that is worth while and most of the time needs doing! It’s such a nice feeling when you pick up that pen and tick a job off a list.

So…….. why not make your rainy day, fine weather day list and see where that gets you? I guarantee you’ll feel better for even making a list.