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Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching

My service can offer an alternative to traditional talking therapies and can be easily as thought provoking and reflective. I continue to support individuals experiencing mental health issues and offer a bespoke service to that end.

My work is all about you and what you would like to achieve in your life.  My focus is on positive changeself development and finding the best path to take you forward. Coaching Process

I start with clarifying where you are and where you would like to be and the obstacles that seem to be in the way.  Our next step is to put a practical plan together of how you’re actually going to get there.  There are so many aspects to consider in our increasingly busy lives, it’s not surprising there are times we may feel stuck and need some direction.

“Di is a very supportive, caring, empathic therapist who genuinely strives to support you at your own pace. She provides you with a very comfortable space to explore whilst aiming to achieve your own personal goals. She is extremely personable and I recommend her highly.” (D D)

bulletin-board-3127287_1920I support people to unearth their thoughts and feelings and really explore the ‘what if’s and maybe’s’; I help them discover what is important to them about any decision/goal they want to reach and explore those inner voices that reinforce doubt and scepticism.  This in turn encourages self awareness and confidence.  By sharing these thoughts with me they can sort through these feelings and put them into some sort of methodical order which helps them to regain control and clarity in their lives. I allow them to realise their goals and full potential as well as realising their own resources and gaining greater resilience. 

Change of any kind can be exciting or anxiety provoking or both, but change is always consistent in that whatever that change maybe, we will always learn from it and learning is what allows us to develop and grow, which is vital for well being and self development.

Coaching is not:

Counselling, psychotherapy or analysis of your past
Someone solving your problems or telling you what to do

My advice would be to do your research on: if life coaching is right for you, if the life coach is insured, qualified and has the relevant experience. Good luck!