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Panicking about Christmas?

Published December 14, 2021 at 3:41 pm

Is panic setting in about Christmas?

Are you worrying about covid hitting this Christmas?

Are you wondering if the supermarkets will still be stocking turkeys?

Are you concerned that you won’t have enough to go around and that on Christmas Day you will suddenly realise you didn’t get the stuffing?

Well, for your reassurance we all have these fears and we all think about them regularly!  Particularly, during the next few weeks…………….

For those of you who have read my blogs before it will come as no surprise to you that I am saying ………..GET ORGANISED!

I can hear you saying almost, “but how, I have so much to do”. wish-list-1895013_1280

Yes, it’s busy and yes, time is running out but with a bit of pre planning and organisation all can be achieved!  Yes, really it can!

The first and most important thing is to make that all important list!  I cannot stress the importance of lists in my life.  They are basic but brilliant as, they not only remind us what to do and what to buy they also keep us focused and more importantly give us some level of control.

Control, you might ask…………..what has that to do with anything?

Well, my answer to that would be that control is what keeps us happy, calm and most importantly keeps our general well being in check.

So, what after the list is completed and the panic really sets in due to the amount of ‘stuff’ on it?

Breaking up the tasks into bite size pieces is always a plan as this makes time consuming tasks manageable.

Instead of giving yourself the task of getting everyone’s Christmas presents in one afternoon and feeling deflated when you don’t.  Break it down and say,  you’ll hope to complete a quarter on the list, that way if you do complete more; you’ll feel so much better and may even want to continue shopping!

If you’ve asked people what they would like and they don’t come up with an answer, don’t feel bad about getting a voucher or giving cash.  We all like to receive a gift and we all like to put some thought into what to give others.  However, it’s really not worth getting anxious about!  I’m sure no relative or friend would want that!

So, take a deep breath and start that list.  Two may be better as it might read: ‘things to buy’ & ‘things to be done’?

The other burning question is ‘do YOU have to do everything’?  Delegate where you can, it may feel uncomfortable but ‘two hands are better than one’, as they say!  It’s not cheating; it’s just using your common sense and time more effectively………….so go on, ask!

It’s easy to get things out of proportion when we feel under pressure but, at the end of the day all most members want is time together, a hot meal and a small but heartfelt gift! Most of us will be delighted to just be together after last year!

So…………….calm thoughts and get ‘listing’!




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