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No excuses……get on with it!

Published April 4, 2018 at 11:25 am

No excuses……..get on with it!

As a number of you will know I am a keen walker and try my hardest to carry out this activity every day, sometimes twice a day.  I find it’s not only good for my physical health but does amazing things for my mental health alongside,  giving me thinking space which in my line of work is invaluable.

This morning I woke to see that once again it was raining!  I dressed for my walk but secretly wondered if this activity would be realised given the conditions.  The phrase my youngest son uses from time to time kept going through my mind. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. rain-2335430_1920

After doing as many unimportant jobs as I could find to put off the inevitable task in hand, I set off armed with brolly to conquer my daily ‘fix it factor’.  After about 5 minutes it rained and continued to do so for the rest of my walk.  I did consider after the first lap that I could cut it short justifying to myself that due to the weather this was okay.  But actually,  as I came to the point where this would be possible I fought desperately with “should I, shouldn’t I”.

The whole process reminded me of the many reasons, excuses I hear on a very regular basis from both myself, my friends/family and more importantly clients!

Often, the split decision (in my case, should I even set off for my walk and once embarked should I continue for 2 laps) made about whether to ACTUALLY do something is what often takes you on your future course.  And, might even change your life path, in the short term anyway.  For example, if I had chosen to stop at the half way mark not only would I have felt disappointed with myself for not continuing but after this my mindset would have a negative bias.  Leaving me lacking a sense of achievement.

Getting my drift?  Pushing yourself just for that few minutes more (my example. Just past the half way mark) then determines the rest of the journey, in my case finishing 2 laps.

Ironically, since returning from my walk the weather has been dry!! However, the main thing is I achieved my objective in spite of the conditions I found myself in.  Sounding familiar?

stop-3089945_1920If you want to embark on a new path in your life and fear there maybe some hurdles along the way then contact me and we’ll embark on it together!