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Mental Well Being Plan

Published May 10, 2020 at 4:38 pm

I am getting speaking to a number of people who are feeling anxious right now, I thought I would write up this simple plan that might help in these worrying times. You may also want to check out my video:  


What will help me to feel safer?

Often, we feel safe when we are in control, sometimes, this is not possible as we can’t control everything that goes on in our lives. It’s often when we feel out of control that our anxiety takes over. stress-2902537_1280


  • Simply making this plan might help you to feel more in control, a bit like making a shopping list.
  • Keeping to a routine is often helpful in helping you to feel you have greater control over your life.


It’s commonly recognised that sticking to some kind of a routine, helps us to feel calmer and more in control of things generally. Even something as minor as getting up at the same time can be helpful.


Why not make a list of things that you know have worked for you and has helped you to feel calmer and safer in the past?


What can I do to lift my mood, calm me down or distract me?

This might include a whole host of things and some of them you may have included above however, it’s still a good idea to include them to this list too.


These might include:

  • Going for a walk
  • Listening to music/watching a film
  • Speaking to a friend
  • Doing some form of exercise
  • Writing a journal or writing a ‘things to be thankful for list’
  • Doing a jigsaw or doing craft activities



Who would I like to support me?

You might like to think about your support networks, often support comes in many shapes and sizes. For many of us, it comes in the form of friends, colleagues and family. When we are experiencing periods of high stress or anxiety we often turn to different people for different things.


It might be helpful to think about who you want to contact in different circumstances. For example, one friend may be great for having a ‘chit chat’ with however, they may not be who you would choose if you were feeling anxious or low in mood.  You might want to chat to them about it first as they can be prepared for any calls you make to them. It’s worth thinking about who you might call at different times, depending on what support or contact you need.


For example:


  • I will call ……… if I need a chit chat (in other words, light conversation)
  • I will call ……… if I need to be cheered up
  • I will call ……… if I need to talk to someone about how I am feeling
  • I will call ……… if I need more support and feel comfortable if I get upset


I may decide that I need professional help therefore I can call:


  • Samaritans
  • My support worker (if you have one)
  • Mind
  • And any other support networks

This plan although simple, helps you to think about what can be helpful and supportive to you when perhaps you might not be thinking as rationally as you would normally. It’s a bespoke plan made to your specifications, needs and wants.

So why not write up yours today?