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Loving a List

Published September 21, 2020 at 10:49 am

Loving a list

Clients who work with me know I am a great believer in lists! I love them……….

They just, can’t be beaten for keeping us on track, on the straight and narrow and most importantly….get things done!

Yes, it’s that simple…….honest! to-do-list-749304_1920

I read all sorts of material designed to help people get more organised, feel more in control, get a better life work balance. I am not disputing that this is not helpful, often it’s very helpful however, so too is a trusty list!

I explain to clients that a list does a number of things, these include:

* makes you think about the task in hand

* makes you accountable as it’s actually in ‘black and white’ which means you can’t ignore it

* gives you a sense satisfaction when you tick off achievements

* helps you to feel in control, as you are taking action

All of the above not only help you to reach your ultimate goal but also help you to reach smaller steps along the way. These small steps are great for our confidence and self esteem as they are proof that we ‘can achieve things’.  This can be so liberating, particularly if it’s something we have been struggling with for a while.

Lists can be used for everyday tasks but also for the longer term projects most of us have in our heads.

Clients often say “I’m not good at sticking to lists” or “lists don’t work for me”. I would argue, they do work as long as you work to them…….we all make choices!

So, the next time you need to crack on with something or simply need ‘a gentle boot up the bottom’