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Life Changes


Our Life changes for 2 reasons; either we make a change or the change is made for us!

My work involves supporting people in both camps:

Career Changes:

In these times of budget cuts, loss of company benefits, longer hours and an expectation for better value for money we can all fall into the 9 to 5 trap and plod on with work life as we know it.  We can tell ourselves that there really isn’t any alternative to what we are doing and settle for feelings of boredom, frustration and stress.  We can kid ourselves that all bosses are the same and companies too and reinforce that notion that ‘this is my lot’ or we can do something about it. street-sign-141361_1920

Whether you’re thinking of changing your career completely, wanting to find some satisfaction in your current role or are thinking about starting up your own venture, I can help you to flourish.  Coaching has been successfully used in the corporate market for years and has paid dividends to individuals and the company as a whole.

I have supported individuals to clarify their current circumstances and encouraged them to develop ideas and strategies that have led to action plans and resolve.  I have also supported staff groups and bodies to identity their current position, clarify direction and formulate long and short term goal plans.

Planning a Lifestyle Change or Making Adjustments to Your Current Life Circumstances

Most people employ a Personal Coach when they are at a crossroads in their personal or career life

Most people want to achieve the following from their sessions:

  • Look at what resources are available (personal or financial) girl on ladder
  • Look at options in the shorter and wider term
  • Feel motivated to make the necessary changes
  • Feel supported if barriers arise
  • Feel more in control of their lives
  • Feel more confident with decision making
  • Feel more equipped to make informed decisions
  • Feel more confident in their abilities
  • Reach their aspired goals

If you want to rise into the person you can be contact me.