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Life After Loss

Life After Loss:

hot-3575167_1920Loss in our lives can be extremely painful and will often unearth feelings we never imagined we could experience.  It will often feel as though our lives will never be the same again and that these feelings will remain.  We are reassured that these feelings are ‘normal’ but are painful nonetheless, there is no right or wrong way to grieve and everyone’s experience is different. 

Loss can extend too many areas of our life, for some it maybe the loss of a child going to school or university or of a partner or close friend; for others it maybe the loss of a pet or of identity.

I can support you to:

  • clarify your feelings around your loss
  • regain self identity and focus.  
  • re-establish your new life circumstancesgirl-1955797_1920
  • Help you to plan for your future goals and aspirations.

Having spent many years in mental health services I now use my skills and experience to support people who might be experiencing difficult life circumstances.  Often these times in our lives can be very traumatic, this in turn can lead to circumstantial mental health issues.  To have support from an experienced practitioner with a high degree of understanding can be both liberating and can enormously support with self confidence and control.