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Is the University chapter over? Tips for survival………..

Published July 15, 2016 at 10:17 am

Is the University chapter over? Tips for survival………..graduation-1311237

Have you recently finished university and feeling worried about the path ahead?

Are you desperately looking for work of any kind to get funds to do all the things your friends appear to be doing this summer?

Maybe you are relaxed and enjoying the break from not having to do anything!

Whatever your circumstance, it cannot be said that trepidation, excitement and concern all rolled into one must be swimming through your mind from time to time.

Bear in mind that for the last 3 years you have been able to please yourself, as in……you haven’t been under your parent’s shadow! Although, lectures are an expectation, it has been your choice to attend. You have been your ‘own boss’ to a certain extent, this now has to change at least in the short term as you’ll be expected to ‘slot back in’ to the family fold.

On top of this, you now need to be thinking about ‘what is next’ or at least that is what everyone is telling you. This can be very infuriating as, to coin a phrase “talk about the bleeding obvious”.

So, what is next? Well, for those of you who read my blogs regularly you can’t beat A LIST! It not only prompts you into action, but also helps you to feel in control. This is vital when your world is literally rocking! The following tips may help.

  • Don’t be lead into the “I will wait until after the summer as everyone is on holiday”. No, they are not and you making a move now, could be the difference between a job before or after Christmas.
  • Do the research, even if you have no idea what you want to do, research as to what is out there. Look at job sites, forums and government information sites. It will give you ideas at least and may even give you some information on something that never occurred to you. It is easy to get daily updates of jobs in your area or nationwide. No excuses!
  • Think about working part time, bar work or work of any kind shows employers you are willing to literally ‘get off your butt’.
  • Think about volunteering too, again future employers like to see that you are prepared to go that extra mile.
  • Get out, you could argue this costs money but it doesn’t have to, and it will make you feel less isolated. Talking to friends via social media is great but actually getting out of the house and more importantly out of bed is vital for well being.
  • Stating the obvious…..but I’m going to anyway. Try to eat well and exercise……even if it’s only taking the dog for a walk!

Returning back home after such a roller coaster of: meeting new friends, finding out how to actually look after yourself, attaining and passing exams and modules, the ongoing emotional upheaval of sharing a house with others and finally that proud moment of collecting that certificate! All this has changed you as a person, make no mistake about that. You however, have achieved all the above therefore, you can do it again!

So, take control and get out there once again to start on the next chapter of your life!arrows-1533467