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Is Hard Work Good for the Soul?

Published June 18, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Is hard work is good for the Soul?

Recently we experienced a weekend of good weather and having already planned a small patio area in our garden we set to work to transform it into a reality.

We had planned to use leftover materials from other garden projects and so the task appeared easy as we had already prepared the ground.  This wasn’t the case however, as we worked extremely hard in over powering heat and continually huffed and puffed at the challenge we had set ourselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe day ploughed on and so did we and determined to finish the job in hand, we continued into the early evening.  Over lunch we discussed the fact that we perhaps should have left it for a weekend of cooler weather.  We also discussed leaving it but being the impatient person that I am I was determined to sit on it and experience the evening sun!

Eventually, hours later we sat down to a glass of well earned beer on our precious new patio with huge smiles painted on our faces due to finishing our task.

We slept well that night as you might imagine and woke with aches and pains in muscles we didn’t realise we had!

Some weeks previous to this we had spent the day collecting, cutting and chopping logs as a local area close to our home had felled a number of trees.

This is a favourite past time of mine so I relished the task with enthusiasm and gusto. dirty-hands-1-494329-m

The log store stocked with freshly cut logs; I looked proudly on and said to my self ‘we did good today’.

That night like the previous ‘day of hard work’ we sat with a beer as a reward for our hard work and felt an enormous sense of achievement and pride. It made me realise that this must be how many work men/women feel after a day of ‘hard graft’.

I’m not in any way suggesting that people who do sedentary jobs don’t work hard, neither am I suggesting that you have to be physical for it to be called hard work.

What I am suggesting though; is the feeling you get when your body aches like nothing you’ve experienced before.  And on so many occasions during that day you have thought ‘I can’t do this’ the feeling and sense of achievement is like no other!

Yes, you possibly can get this feeling when you have run a marathon or have climbed that mountain but the physical exhaustion coupled with visual results does make it slightly different and in my opinion gives a greater sense of satisfaction.

That feeling of thinking you have achieved something; whether that be making a patio or running a marathon through physical determination and will power is difficult to match and can leave one feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

So if you have a shed waiting to be erected or a wall that’s fallen down you might want to choose a cool but dry day and go for that challenge.

Remember……………..there is a cold beer at the end of it!