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Ground Hog Day

Published October 21, 2020 at 2:46 pm


It looks like for many of us a second lockdown is inevitable. It’s a difficult one to come to terms with and something we’d all rather hoped wouldn’t happen again.  However, it looks like this will be going on for a while to come, so I thought I’d write a blog to try to help…….

I would ask you to try to think about this lockdown in a different way. For one, at this time of year we are already spending much more time indoors due to weather changes etc. So…..what do you normally do at this time of year? lockdown-5130295_1920

I hazard a guess that you are now concentrating on the things you can’t do, rather than the things you can!

So, what can you still do?

  • Go shopping in a mask (try to choose quiet times)
  • Go for a socially distanced walk (with or without friends)
  • Go for an outdoor cup of coffee
  • Get into the garden
  • Ask friends into your garden for a cuppa (wrap up or light a fire if you have a chiminea)
  • Start an exercise regime (in or outdoors)
  • Read those books you have never got around to
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Rekindle old friendships and talk online or on the phone
  • Study that subject you have been meaning to for ages
  • Clean out those cupboards/bookshelves/drawers

The point I am making is DO SOMETHING as this helps you to feel satisfied and gives you a sense of achievement. No matter how small, ticking something of a list is extremely satisfying. And, although we can’t do things as we used to we CAN still DO! It just means thinking in a different way. Resilience is the key here.

So, make a list of things you want to achieve this winter, believe me, it will certainly help you to get through it and even better…..involve a friend!