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Get yourself out there, no excuses!

Published July 19, 2019 at 5:15 pm

I often share with clients and indeed, on social media sites the importance of ‘getting out there’ to improve mood and mental health. As a lot of you will already know I walk every day, this is mainly to keep my mental health in check, alongside this, I’m a keen gardener and can’t stress the importance for health of ‘getting one’s hands dirty’.

I have shared before now articles claiming that getting one’s hands in soil can produce excellent results on mental wellbeing. Apparently, soil has magical properties and elements that once soaked into the skin can help enormously with mental health generally. I personally think, there is a little more to it.lawnmower-384589_1920

The outdoors is a wonderful thing for changing not only our attitude, but it’s great for changing our perspective on things. I often ask clients to ‘rethink’ a problem after a walk, it truly does do magical things. This I believe, is the same with gardening! I often think over an issue or a problem whilst gardening, it works wonders for ‘working things out’.

I notice that a famous gardener has recently heralded the benefits of gardening on mental health, this is music to my ears but not a new idea by any means. Why do you think the old sanatoriums used to have enormous grounds and beautifully tended gardens full of colour and life? These in the main, were tended by the patients as it was seen to be very therapeutic on many levels.

These might have included:
• Getting your hands in the dirty soil
• Actually, doing something as opposed to thinking about something
• Seeing immediate results in your labour
• Continuing to enjoy seeing the results of your labour (as you plants or seeds grow)
• Seeing others enjoy the ‘fruits of your labour’
• And, seeing the life cycle go on and on as the plants die back and come to life as if by magic in the spring

All the above are amazingly simple things that can boost and motivate our mind and mood! Watching anything grow and develop is a life changer, believe me, I see it in clients daily. I’m sure many of us have seen it through our children also.

I can hear you say: “I haven’t got the space” or “the weather isn’t right”, my answer to that is, It doesn’t have to be a huge allotment or flower bed, a simple window box, planter or flower pot will do! Anything that will motivate you to go outside and get your hands in that lovely dirty soil.

So, its summer get yourself out there and get cracking on creating something beautiful! It will be worth it, honest!