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Food, Mood and Lockdown

Published May 25, 2021 at 12:23 pm

Food, Mood and Lockdown

A number of you are telling me that you have gained weight during lockdown, this is understandably impacting on your confidence, particularly now things are opening up. It’s not at all surprising that this is the case as so many of us have used food to ‘keep us going’ during the dark nights and sometimes dark days! asparagus-2169305_1920

For those of you who follow my Face book page you will know that I’m always posting articles about diet and exercise and the importance of them on our mood.

There has been a whole host of articles written on the subject and many books written however, I speak from experience. I have run many workshops on the very subjects and can’t stress enough the importance of trying (at least) to stick to healthy foods for the most part of the week.

I completely understand that the weekend is the one time we can all let things ride a little and have cake, wine, curries and whatever else.  However, if you can abstain (for the most part at least) I’m sure it will pay dividends, especially this time of the year as you can at least begin to think about ‘getting out there’.

I’m not talking about calories necessarily; I’m really talking about those fresh vegetables and fruit that keep our mood and minds healthy.  I’m not suggesting that you cut out meat or become vegetarian. All I’m saying is to include plenty of green and root vegetables to your plate!

I actually grow a lot of vegetables in my garden and love the whole process from planting to eating, so satisfying!  Still, you don’t have to grow your own, there are plenty of farmers markets around to feed us all.  There are also a number of farm shops around to keep us supplied with local produce. No excuses!

Vegetables are always a good idea but, in the current climate they are vital. They not only ward off colds, flu’s and bugs etc, they also ward off low mood and depression!  They supply us with vital vitamins that help our mood and confidence.

I know it seems a tall order for vegetables to be so magical but, they really are! If I go for a few days without my 8 a day, I soon start to feel lethargic, bloated, and low in mood.  I have tried and tested it and know when I need my ‘fill’ of colours (as I put it). As the famous chef said: if there is no colour on the plate, it’s not going to be healthy!

I can almost hear you say “I don’t need to lose weight”, it’s not about losing weight or replacing vegetables with anything else, it’s about adding them to your plate!

So, carry on with having your pork chop and mash just, add the veg too!

Continue with your glass of wine but, add the veg to the plate!

Eat your fish and chips, your curry and whatever else just, add the salad and you are away!

Or, if you really can’t manage it in the evening then have it for lunch. Hot soup packed with vegetables is an easy lunch dish!  So too, is a prepared tuna salad if you are on the road, you can always take bread and butter if you’re desperate for carbs!

No excuses now, pack your plate with colours and enjoy the lift in your spirits and mood not to mention warding off Covid!