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Fed up of not finishing things?

Published November 14, 2018 at 11:32 am

Fed up with not finishing things?

Is it nearly the end of the year and you are wondering where it went?

Are you wondering why you haven’t completed all the things you wanted to do?

If so, this blog is the answer!woman-2066673_1920

I was talking to a friend the other day who,  when asked how her course was going said “it wasn’t”.  Me being me asked various questions about she was hoping to achieve her final goal of course completion.  We talked about this in detail, she said she would give it some thought.

I was delighted to hear the following day that she had completed the next module that afternoon and had passed with flying colours! She said the “kick up the bum” had been just what she needed and hoped to continue in the same vain.

The things we explored were how in the beginning she had been eager to start and complete the first module however, as time moved on she had lost the momentum and had found motivating herself to return to her studies an uphill struggle.

This is not surprising as stopping something is always much worse than slowing down.  I try to explain this to clients all the time explaining, that planning something at a much slower pace is so much more beneficial to completing the task in hand.  This is much more realistic than assuming you’ll finish it over night.

Planning is the key! If we don’t make a plan we probably will plan to fail (Henry Ford) However, if we do make a plan it has to be a realistic one and that means being specific about how and when you’ll be able to do some studying…..NOT complete the whole course!

To use the old but perfectly formed S.M.A.R.T goals frame, this is so useful in formulating your plan of action.

  • Be Specific about what you want to achieve. Don’t just say “I want to decorate the whole house”
  • Think about how you are going to measure your achievement (In my friends’ case she was able to study one a module at a time)
  • What action are you going to take and how are you going to do this
  • How relevant is this for you, how will you feel after this, will you feel a sense of achievement etc
  • How much time are you planning to take over this and how will you ‘chunk’ your time to achieve it.

I can guarantee if you stick to this plan you’ll almost certainly achieve the goals you aim for.

However, getting a little help along the way is always a plan to so, if your not achieving what you want or are not finishing what you started you may want to give me a call?

I’m pretty good at giving people a “boot up the bottom”, or so I’m told!