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Communicate with your child, they aren’t little for long!

Published April 23, 2019 at 11:07 am

As most of you are aware, I offer a service to families to help them engage in positive and fruitful conversations with their children. Parents come to see me when they are struggling to keep these channels open, I support and advise on how best to engage and promote positive communication skills which they can use with their children.

The other day I observed the engagement of a young child and Mother in a café whilst having a coffee with a friend. The observation really resonated with me and as a result I felt compelled to write this blog. boy-3360415_1920

The mother in question sat down and after the usual struggle of ‘de- layering’ and parking the pushchair she sat her young child next to her.  She ordered food and within minutes she got her phone onto the table and set up a game for her toddler to engage in.

It was clear that the toddler was familiar with this set up and very quickly was absorbed in the games contents.  I assumed that she would be accompanied by another adult, hence the ‘need’ for the phone amusement however, it soon became apparent that no one else would be joining them.

The mother watched others in the café talking, she eat her sandwich, so too did her daughter whilst still watching the game.  I felt a real sense of sadness rather than judgement as to me this was a lost opportunity to engage in conversation with this little person.

I am fully aware that there could have been all sorts of reasons why she didn’t want to engage in conversation however, it made me feel that at times we can all be guilty of this activity without giving it’s impact much thought.

I cannot stress enough the importance of conversation with our little ones, it promotes so many things.

It builds confidence, makes the young person feel valued and listened to and probably most importantly it builds a strong bond between both parties.

game-3760671_1920So the moral of the story is…..grasp every opportunity to talk to your child, they aren’t around forever!