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Coming down after a high

Published May 16, 2018 at 1:39 pm

Coming down after a high

I often don’t share my personal life for obvious reasons however, on this occasion I do feel it’s worth a share.  I have recently returned from a bit of a personal adventure or project as some may say.  I have spent many months organising a very special holiday for a very close family member, at the same time I have been organising a very special birthday party.  Both of these activities, took a huge amount of planning and the attention to detail was key in order for them to be successful. parachute-80088_1920

Fortunately for me, I am generally a very organised person.  These are not my words by the way, but those of my friends and colleagues.  I love organisation and planning as it helps me to feel in control and happier in what I am doing, as many of my clients will tell you.

The months of planning although, stressful, tiresome and time consuming have been a real challenge and challenges always have 2 sides. These being stress vs satisfaction!

I have simply loved the continuous calls, emails and conversations not to mention the decision making.  Yes, I have often thought “is this right”, “will they like it” and most importantly shall I just not bother as it’s all too much! Something that many clients state they feel and therefore, ‘pull out’. I’m not going to lie to you as on occasion I have most defiantly felt like that, I can say now I am so pleased I didn’t as I do feel truly satisfied with the end result.

I do however, feel a little lost! Yes, I do! It must be like when your son or daughter has got married and gone off on their honeymoon.  Or after the first few months of retirement. I’m not feeling low, just questioning   “what am I going to do next”.

With this in mind, I can only conclude that pushing oneself out of their comfort zone can only be a positive thing.  The continuous feeling of the polar opposite of stress and satisfaction in the end,  feel really good.

I now have to decide what my next challenge will be! How about you?