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Coaching….less is more!

Published March 12, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Coaching……less is more

I used to get a little tongue tied when people asked me what I do, I was a little concerned that people would feel that coaching was about me rather than the clients I worked with. I tend to find specific client examples much easier to explain. This is probably because we are talking about client’s thoughts and opinions rather than mine. Over the years this process has come easier and now I have no issue in explaining exactly what I do, mainly because I have many examples of how I have specifically helped people in different circumstances. potential-1353776_1920

I tend to use examples and words used by clients for a start, they describe the experience as being reflective, life changing and liberating to name a few.  One client described it as a ‘sanity check’ as she had assumed before starting the process that she was always wrong, not surprisingly that is what she had been led to believe!

So, how does this work I hear you ask………..reflection, that is the key! This is the basic principle of the coaching process.  It’s for this very reason that I get ‘hot around the collar’ when people describe people who talk mainly about themselves and their opinions as being great life coaches. This is completely missing the point as a trained life coach listens rather than talks, they tease the opinions out of their clients rather than talk about their own.

This is important to not only me, but to the professional coaches I both admire and feel inspired by, some of which I work with personally.  Self-reflection is vital for us coaches too as this helps us to learn more about ourselves and how we work, nurture our skills and develop as professionals.  All crucial for our professional development as well as our personal.

If you are looking for a Personal Coach or Life Coach, My advice would be……..if they appear to be opinionated, like talking about themselves and what they believe then your sessions are probably going to revolve around them.  This maybe something you can live with however, coaching is about YOU and what YOU want to achieve…surely?  It certainly is for the clients I work with.

In my opinion a good coach will say little and listen, let’s make it simple………..less is more!