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Cease the Day

Published January 11, 2020 at 12:39 pm

Cease the day.

We have recently been having a few sunny afternoons amongst the mostly rain and gloom. One morning a couple of weeks ago I had lots of garden jobs planned, it was my intention to get stuck in and get a number of winter jobs ‘in the bag’.

When I woke the sun was streaming in and my heart sank as I knew my jobs were waiting however, what I really wanted to do was go out for a walk along the river, perhaps taking in a few shops on the way. Ironbridge being the place that came to mind. It lends itself so well to relaxation and allows me to be at peace with the world. gratitude-1201944_1920

I at first, put the thought out of my head and told myself I MUST crack on with my jobs. However, after breakfast the thought wouldn’t leave me. I broached it with my partner, he immediately said “why not, life is too short”. It was just what I needed……permission. At this, we got some essentials together and headed for the sun.

I am so pleased we did as it was a lovely mornings activity, the sun shone, and we both had that feeling of ‘playing hooky’. It was a simple morning out; we didn’t even spend any money. I think the reason it was so appreciated was that it wasn’t planned, it was a beautiful morning and that we had taken full advantage of what the weather dealt us.

Yes, we could have stayed in and got on with what was planned but instead we ceased the day! My mother used to have a saying “the cleaning will still be there when you get back”!

The moral of the story is that if the weather beckons you to leave your chores then do, life IS TOO SHORT!