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I offer support to sole traders and small businesses wanting a professional and confidential Need a Sounding Boardlistening ear in which to launch their ideas and future plans. They can feel comfortable in the knowledge that they can speak freely and without judgement in a safe and confidential space.

“I was really struggling with business plans and problems, I couldn’t share my concerns with friends or family and felt very alone. Di saw me within 24 hours and immediately put me at ease. I came away from our one off session feeling relieved, inspired and unburdened. I will definitely return and would highly recommend Di’s healthy challenging approach” (F S)



Many companies are now realising the benefits of helping staff to gain therapeutic support to promote positive mental health and well being. Staff can benefit from having an independent service being offered in their place of work.mental-health-2019924_1920

I offer an individual service to companies who may want to offer self development support to their employees. This can be very supportive to HR departments already struggling to meet time deadlines and demands. It can also be very beneficial to the employee as it takes the situation out of the workplace.

This can be in the form of one to one coaching/mentoring support for personal issues to staff members or to staff members struggling with particular issues such as communication difficulties and confidence issues in the workplace

workplace-1245776_1920I have supported individuals to clarify their current circumstances and encouraged them to develop ideas and strategies that have led to action plans and resolve.  I have also supported staff groups and bodies to identity their current position, clarify direction and formulate long and short term goal plans.