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Are you turning into Victor Meldrew?

Published March 30, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Do you find that as you get older, you find yourself saying the things your parents said?

Do you find yourself saying things like: “young people today don’t know they are born”?

If you do, it may be worth having a think about why that is?tortoise

Often, as people get older they not only feel that they know everything, they sometimes try and convince others they do!  This can be both patronising and frustrating for others around and can sometimes lead to disagreements and family upset.

Understandably, mature people have gained a lot of knowledge; this is mainly through life experience and mistakes.  We tend to learn so much more from making mistakes, compared to listening to others who are trying to tell us how to live our lives.

So, this said why is it that the Victor Meldrews of this world don’t realise that the younger generation too; have to learn their ‘life tapestry’ as they have done themselves?

Only recently, have I been privy to a conversation held between a mature person and a younger both; of which were only paying lip service to the other.  The main reason for this is that the older person paid no respect to the younger’s view point or opinion.  This resulted in the younger person feeling resentful of not being listened to or, respected. Thus, backing away and moving to talk to someone else.  What a pity!

It matters not, what age we are or what experience we have we can always learn something from our younger generation.  Even if it’s how to install the latest app on our phone!  If, we can acknowledge that they have something to offer and, more importantly something we are prepared to listen to, then there is some chance that both parties will feel like contributing to the other.

I do sometimes feel that when people have more time on their hands to follow media coverage, they can get too absorbed in their opinions as, for some,  reading the paper is the only social perspective they have.  Sad but true! This is also true, of younger people who understandably ‘want to change the world’!  Thank goodness we have both, as apathy can be worse.

However, let us try……….as the older, wiser person to ‘be bigger’ in all of this and step down from that ever increasing (in size) soup box!  Let our youngsters talk to us, they may sound opinionated, bombastic and confident but at least they have an opinion!  It may not be the same as ours, but let’s at least show some respect for it.  Debate may follow, this is both healthy and liberating and at least makes both parties feel their contributions are equitable and reciprocal…….leaving both parties satisfied and prepared to ‘agree to disagree’.

Next time you are feeling like a Victor Meldrew moment is approaching………..think and change your stance!