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Aisle and After

Aisle & After (Complementary Bridal Support)

Our wedding day is often the happiest day of our lives. It makes the planning and endless decision making seem all worth while. The honeymoon is just the icing on the cake.

For some of us however, readjusting to life after our wedding can be challenging, leaving us wedding-reception-2701037_1920feeling emotionallethargic and unmotivated. This can sometimes occur before the wedding as the pressure of such an event can be all encompassing and stressful, taking some couples to the brink.  The constant stream of decisions running up to the wedding can feel very overwhelming for all involved.  Because our wedding is the biggest day of our lives (or indeed is considered so) the pressure that surrounds it can make couples loose confidence in themselves and each other.  Although, these feelings and thoughts are very common at this time it can seem an ‘odd’ way to feel when such a happy occasion is looming!

I have supported individuals, couples and wider family members to reconnect with life after ‘the big day.

At this time the benefit of coaching support can be extremely beneficial for refocusing energies, relationship development and future planning.

“After our wedding we realised that the focus of our relationship in the last year had been wedding plans.  We had lost who we were as a couple as the wedding had taken over.  Di helped us to redefine our relationship with each other.  This was just what we needed, so pleased I heard about her. “

 (L & B).

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