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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement & Coaching Contact


  • To be arranged to fit in around the client’s time schedule and budget. (Where possible sessions will be re arranged however, there may be a charge if cancellation is within 24 hours of session).
  • To be on time and both parties to be fully committed to the sessions.
  • Sessions are entirely confidential
  • Payment in full at each session
  • Coachee accepts full responsibility for their actions and behaviours and accepts that coaching is on this basis.
  • Both parties agree that if the process or relationship is not beneficial to either that they voice their concern immediately.
  • Coachee accepts that the coaching process will involve: exploration, challenge and self reflection.
  • Should the coachee wish to stop sessions, agree to raise this with the coach so that an exit session can be arranged in order for the coachee to continue moving forward.



I propose to make this as simple as possible…………

What I collect and why:

  • I will ask you for your name, your email, your telephone number. I need this information for ongoing contact about times/ dates of sessions or should I need to rearrange or cancel.   I will NOT ask you for your address or any other contact details.

What I do with your information:

  • I will (when necessary) contact you (via email or text) to rearrange appointments, cancel them or pass on any handouts or information (already agreed during sessions)
  • Send you (prior arranged) information about a subject covered in our sessions
  • I DO NOT share your contact details with any third parties
  • I make notes during sessions, these are destroyed after sessions unless client wishes to take them with them



  • Your email address is NOT stored on my ‘contacts’ within my Gmail account and is deleted fully after sessions cease. I only use telephone contacts if I cannot contact via email or in the case of emergency or cancellations.  Numbers/names are stored by initials only and are deleted after sessions cease


I Include new clients and people who have agreed to receive my emails (explained to them at the point of agreement) on my mailing list (YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE from this) or can ask me NOT to include you or remove you.  This emailing list is to inform you of: workshops, new services & blogs.

For your reassurance, I do not bombard you with daily or even weekly marketing campaigns but simply as and when I send out information that might be of interest to my mailing list.

Use of cookies:

The only cookies that are used on my website are for google analytics and the linking back to my Facebook page.

Thank you for reading this information and I value your feedback.