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7 Tips That Can Reduce Your Stress Levels.

Published February 16, 2017 at 12:02 pm


  1. Fresh air, Get as much as you can! This can be anything from a breather outside the back door of your work building to a 5 mile walk. Just being outdoors helps de stress our busy minds.
  2. Healthy food intake, yes… matters. Eat as healthily as is possible.  We know that we all need treats and yes, we do fall off the diet band wagon but by keeping an eye on unhealthy foods can reduce stress considerably.  Try to be more consistent with healthy eating even if you can’t keep it going 100% of the time. note-415143_1280
  3. Taking time out. Whether you call it a breather, mindfulness or taking 5….do it! Take that time to think, count to five or simply breath.  Stretching every hour also helps with joint and muscle movement as well as helping blood flow.  It helps…….believe me!
  4. Try and find time to exercise. Even if it’s only parking a little further from your place of work or getting off the stop before yours.  Every minute counts, small bouts of exercise are better than none.  Consistency is key to distressing.  Little and often.
  5. Getting enough sleep. It is easy to stay up to watch that extra episode of your favourite TV show however, rest and more importantly sleep are natural de stressors.  If it helps put an alarm on your phone to remind you to go to bed as well as to tell you when to get up!
  6. Go out more with friends. Socializing and talking to friends is one of the best things we can do to de stress.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive night on the town, a coffee, a walk or simply a phone call can make a difference to our stress levels.
  7. Nature and culture. Simply having house plants, books or accessible music (or all) in our work place or home can make a huge difference to our mood up lifters.  Plants not only clean our air they look pretty and having a calming influence. If you don’t own any make this a priority especially for the work place.