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7 Simple Ways to Lift Your mood

Published October 10, 2018 at 11:13 am


7 simple ways to lift your mood

Here are a few ways to help you lift your mood quickly, so whether you are at home or in the office there’s no excuse for not doing them!

  • Go for a walk. It doesn’t need to be a 10 mile hike, it can be a walk to the next office, so instead of emailing or calling a colleague why not walk! Do this a few times and you might be surprised at how many steps you take. A lunch time walk would also be great, why not ask a colleague to join in too! fantasy-3677978_1920
  • Eat a banana. They not only give you a small supply of energy, but they are full of ‘happy’ chemicals lifting your mood almost immediately.
  • Eat breakfast. Yes, you do have time! You can either buy a muesli bar or buy (even better, make your own) a smoothie. It’s the most important meal of the day as it boosts your blood sugars which in turn lift your mood and your energy levels.
  • Sign up to an aerobics class or simply cycle or run. This doesn’t have to be everyday of course but getting your heart pumping is a great way to produce those happy chemicals as well as boosting your metabolism and ultimately helping you to stay in good mind and body shape.
  • Why not buy a happy jar? Jot down on a small piece of paper positive things that happen throughout your week and put them in the jar. Not only does it make you ‘count your blessings’ at the time but if you are having a bad day you can open the jar and read them!
  • Turn the music up. Music is a great mood lifter so why not put your headphones in and hum away to a tune you know will lift your mood.
  • Do one good deed a day. Doing a favour for someone or simply hearing the words thanks is a great way to lift your mood. So, get out there and do something for someone, you’ll feel great afterwards.

Any one of the above may help but a combination of all or a few on a regular or best, daily basis will get your mood uplifted and soring. Get this list on your desk or fridge and pass it on to a friend. It’s got to be worth a try…..right?