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5 Tips to Boost Mental Well Being in the Office

Published June 12, 2019 at 11:41 am

5 Tips to boost mental well being in the office

It’s so easy to leave the office, not having lifted your head from your PC screen and wonder where your day went.

I often speak to people who often have days like this about the benefits of taking a few simple steps to aid their mental well being as well as their energy levels and motivation. people-1209916_1920

It’s not exactly rocket science, but by following the simple guides below I’m pretty sure you’ll find you can boost your mental well being both in the office or on a busy day at home.

Why not take a look?

  1. Communicate: it’s so important to talk about your feelings on a regular basis. I often advocate meeting with a friend or family member on a regular basis to have a bit of a ‘heart to heart’. However, this often only occurs as and when we can. Therefore, a simple moan or groan at the office coffee machine stops you from building up resentment and emotion, letting out frustration as it happens is far healthier than bottling it up.   It’s like the old saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved”.
  2. Lifestyle choices: eating regularly makes a good start. Drinking plenty of water is another. We all like a tea or coffee however, try to drink water alongside these choices, it makes all the difference to our hydration levels. Not having time isn’t a reason, have a bottle of water on your desk, in your bag or in your car. It’s as easy as that!
  3. Keeping active: try getting up from your chair every 30 minutes and walking around the office. This 2 minute walk can make all the difference. Stretching is another good way of keeping your muscles moving and stops you seizing up over the day. Make an excuse to do this, even if it’s only filling the printer with paper or going to the loo.
  4. Be creative: a quick doodle makes all the difference to your concentration. A step further is to take a colouring book into the office, you’ll get the rest of the office joining in before you know it. Yes, you can take minutes and why not eat your sandwich at the same time!
  5. Volunteer kindness: even asking someone how they are feeling can make YOU feel good. Reciprocation or doing a good deed can be very helpful to one’s mental health. So whilst you are at the above coffee machine ask your colleague what they did at the weekend.

The above suggestions are simple but effective………….we can all make excuses for not following these simple steps but please try and find time to at least do a few in a week. You’ll see the difference in no time at all!